My Health Care Wishes™

My Health Care Wishes™

The Murdocks LLC

Adults 18 year of age or older who want to know that their advance care documents will be accurately and immediately delivered to a physician or hospital in the event of a medical crisis, can now download the new app My Health Care Wishes™ (MyHCWishes™) and get the peace of mind they deserve.

Created by The Murdocks LLC, MyHCWishes™ lets users easily create a portable digital library that stores their personal advance care plan documents, such as a living will, advance medical directive (AMD), health care power of attorney (HCPOA; proxy), DNR order, and Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST). All documents are saved in easily accessible pdf format.

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About The Murdocks LLC

The Murdocks LLC was created explicitly for the design and development of My Health Care Wishes™ applications for iPhone, Android and a desktop version. The idea came out of a book The New Art of Dying that Diane Burnside Murdock is writing with an anticipated book launch in 2013.

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This App was designed to revolutionize information sharing during a medical crisis so that your advance care documents and information can be instantly conveyed and delivered. Now you can securely store and retrieve these documents in PDF, and export them to a hospital or physician in minutes.

This single App gives you immediate access to PDF versions of the living will, advance medical directive (AMD), health care power of attorney (HCPOA, health care proxy), DNR order and POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment).

The MyHCWishes App allows you to create a digital library containing your advance care plan and that of your spouse, parent(s), children and anyone you care for deeply. You carry their health care wishes on your iPhone and they carry your wishes and others, on their iPhones.

Advance care information is rarely there when you need it. Imagine having your wishes and those belonging to your loved ones away at college, in a retirement community or nursing home, working in a different city, or under the same roof, stored in one place and a click away, “just in case.” These documents don't belong tucked away in a safety deposit box or in a file cabinet somewhere. Import and store them on your iPhone so they’re there for medical decision-making anytime anywhere.

Future Affect and Impact:

Most of us haven’t given much thought to health consent and other related matters surrounding medical complications, life support or end of life. But seeing the service provided by this App the added value and purpose is clear—this is certainly something anyone 18+ could use for peace of mind.

In the future, health care professionals will look first on your iPhone for the easily recognizable MyHCWishes icon instead of searching for a wallet card!

Novel Features:

• One App contains one folder for you and one folder for EACH of your loved ones or for whom you are acting as proxy.
• Each folder created is highly customized.
• Guaranteed access to these folders enables you to speak for your loved one when they cannot and they can speak for you when you are unable.
• Guarantee this vital information is shared when most needed with a hospital, physician and other health care facility. Ensure you get the care you want.
• Show or send a summary of your health care wishes via text or email to health care providers.
• Carry key information on primary & secondary proxy, primary care physician & specialists, emergency contacts, insurance, and medical condition.

Other Features:

• Add unlimited persons to the App.
• Grab contact information from your Contacts list.
• You are assured of complete confidentiality because the data resides only on the iPhone, yours, your proxy’s or a loved one's. The data does not reside on any server or cloud service.
• Edit and update documents as you age and your health status changes.
• Keep track of document versions by date entered.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


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