Kiki Lemoniates

Math geniuses, engineers, business professionals, students and everyone else who wants to transform their iPad into a stylish, easy-to-use, feature-filled and multi- functional calculator can now download the new app Calculator+T from developer Kiki Lemoniates.

Calculator+T offer users complete calculator functionality, so that they can figure out the square root of pi as easily as they determine how much of a tip to leave in a restaurant. There’s also a handy “history bar” that lets users see what they’ve just calculated, so that they can ensure no mistakes have been made.

Available to download now!

About Kiki Lemoniates

Kiki is the developer and designer behind the Creative Simian brand of mobile apps which strive to produce simple and easy user interface experiences whilst safe in the knowledge of having all the technical expertise that will ensure reliable, solid, smooth and feature rich apps.

Although the Creative Simian brand is very new in this field it is hitting the ground running and not looking back.

Having mainly concentrated on Utilities, Productivity and Lifestyle so far, he already has designs underway for Social Networking, Photo & Video, and Health&Fitness apps and plans to soon offer services to turn personal or commercial websites into a mobile applications.

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“The best calculator app to hit the iPad this year”

“More than just a calculator”

“Being an easy to use CALCULATOR with NOTEPAD and having a built in CLOCK this is the ultimate must-have desk accessory”

Be the envy of your friends and work colleagues and DOWNLOAD today

Calculator+T is a stylish, smooth, user friendly Calculator with great features:

- Real time clock!

- Notepad with ability to copy, paste, and save-to-camera roll! The pad can even be switched for left or right handed users!

- History bar allowing you to see what you have just calculated, ensuring no mistakes have been made.

- Great looking skins to choose from to match your desk or surroundings.

- Ability to turn ON or OFF key stroke sounds to allow working in a library or quiet office.

- All standard calculator functionality, great for Math Gods and Everyday users.


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Video Demo


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