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Hello Kitty and Tokidoki Fans Around the World Rejoice as Globematcher feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty offers
Pre-Launch Access for iOS and Android.

Globematcher feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty is now available via pre-launch for fun gameplay, iconic visuals, exclusive offers, and special prizes. The new multiplayer match blast game produced by Bitbuu Games from Mars1982 LTD is ready to conquer the world.

Hello Kitty and tokidoki fans around the world are thrilled to discover the pre-launch release of Globematcher feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty announced today by publishers Bitbuu Games from Mars 1982 Ltd.

Expected to be one of the most enthusiastically received mobile games of the year, this innovative new match blast game combines the globally renowned design and visual impact of Hello Kitty and tokidoki with a fun and challenging multiplayer experience that anyone can play.

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Available exclusively from today via global pre-registration

In this first phase, tokidoki, Sanrio, and Bitbuu are pleased to invite everyone to join the global countdown and be among the first to play this new, amazing game. Registering for pre-launch means becoming an active part of the project but in full Bitbuu style, it includes playing and having fun — with additional access to exclusive offers and special prizes.

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Hello Kitty x tokidoki

Iconic characters and designs come to life

Transporting players to a fantastic galaxy featuring planets made of colorful — and tasty — candies, gamers must match colors to blast a path to the goal in this captivating land populated by Unicornos, exotic animals, pirates, mysterious light towers, and much more!

Throughout the adventure players are accompanied by an exceptional fellow traveler: Hello Kitty dressed with a variety of iconic tokidoki characters and iconography. 

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Globematcher feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty

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Globematcher feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty
is available now via pre-launch

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