Kinda's Mysterious Trip

New Indie Game “Kinda's Mysterious Trip” Provides A Relaxing Yet Thought Provoking Puzzle Challenge Through 3D Space.

“Kinda's Mysterious Trip” offers a puzzle challenge like no other. Players must navigate 30 programmatically generated levels to unlock the exit gate and proceed to the next mysterious world.

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The 2nd work of the TREE series!!!

With the easiest controll, challenge the most complex advanture.

Various mystery gates rise before the GROVE's grove.
Wonderful space with no earth and sky.
Threatening labyrinth shuting up everything which touches it.
Amusement world.
Mysterious flying object.
And can you break through fierce attack of the GROVE's gate guards controlling time?

This game changes totally in every stage.
Moreover, due to the automatic stage generator, a stage itself changes every time.
So I developed a first-ever moving method to realize controlling complex actions with an easy controll.

The point-appointing movement along free curves.

It automatically calculates smooth free curves from past ways to the point touched.
The character moves along them.
So it moves up, down, left and right and rotates 360 degrees left and right.
Moreover as you touch near, it moves and rotates slowly and as you touch far, it does fast, so this is an analog input.
That is to say, with only touches this method corresponds to all-range-movement, all-range-rotate and analog input.

With this new moving method, let's conclude the mysterious trip.

What fate awaits Kinda???

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