Supreme Coverage

Enjoy targeted coverage for maximum exposure and ROI.

To maximize exposure for your app in areas that are likeliest to generate valuable “buzz” and lead to the highest number of downloads over the long-term, our coverage targets English-language media outlets within countries with the largest App Store market share (currently the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia).

For the same reason, our mobile advertising component targets US traffic (although you can direct us to target alternative regions if desired). What’s more, if you desire enhanced coverage, you can choose our Plus+ package or purchase additional global coverage. As always, the choice is yours.

Map of our coverage

Map Key Primary Regions Primary Regions Map Key Secondary Regions Secondary Regions Map Key Low Coverage Low Coverage

We “Do” Mainstream Right

Reach high profile sources and take your app exposure to another level.

On your behalf, we reach mainstream media outlets and high-profile journalists who enjoy a huge following – and wield significant influence. Connecting with these sources can be the difference between an app that achieves moderate prominence, and one that succeeds beyond your highest expectations.

What’s more, we ensure that the marketing tools that are presented to these critical mainstream sources -- such as your press release, video demo, promotional website and App Store description -- are professional, polished and positioned to succeed.

Where 1 = 1000+

Reach high profile sources and take your app
exposure to another level.

Our coverage includes a global network of newswires, which spread news of your app to editors, media outlets, newspapers and other key sources. This professional-grade distribution channel is accessible by subscription only, and beyond the reach of most app developers and firms.

At the same time, numerous websites depend on newswires for quality content. That means when news of an app appears on just a single newswire, it can – and often does – appear on thousands of websites in a matter of days.

Reach Over 125
App Review Websites

People are searching for the next great app.
We help them find yours.

Each day, thousands of app seekers visit their favorite App review websites for ideas, insight and, of course, reviews. Our coverage introduces your unique app to over 125 of the world’s largest App Review sites, including Gamespot, AppModo, IGN, and more.

On your behalf, we promptly and professionally respond to all review requests. Plus, we send a reminder note to each App review website approximately two weeks after the initial communication, and remain in touch throughout the review process.