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Take advantage of our systems, tools and networks.

Our app-related marketing and advertising solutions are designed to boost your brand awareness, build valuable “buzz”, and increase the number of potential downloads over the long term. In other words: our solutions are built for your success.

How can we be so sure? Because we’re not new at this.

Since 2011, we’ve leveraged our comprehensive systems, tools and networks to achieve these goals. And you don’t just have to take our word for it. Our clients around the world feel that way, too. Our confidence stems from their satisfaction and results.

Our Marketing Tools

Professionally prepared assets to get your app noticed today - and for the long-term.

You know that developing a unique and beneficial app requires a multi-layered approach. You need to focus on everything from the UI, to navigation, to graphics and sound – and the list goes on. It’s not an easy task, but a combination of hard work and smart thinking makes the effort worthwhile and, indeed, profitable.

We take the same multi-layered approach to get your app noticed by the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Below, you’ll find a snapshot of the hand-picked marketing tools that we use to make this happen – whether you’re launching your very first app, or celebrating your 100th release.

Press Release

Our press releases are crafted by our in-house team of experienced professional copywriters. We understand how to spotlight your app’s unique features and benefits, and convey that message in an informative, impressive and influential manner. What’s more, we make the process efficient and enjoyable.

Sample Press Release

Interactive Press Pack

Highlighting your app on your company’s website is essential. However, efficiently providing information, screenshots and other assets to media outlets can be more powerful, persuasive and impactful. We'll therefore feature your app on its very own interactive press pack and distribute it to all media recipients.

App Store Description

The competition to capture user attention is fierce. Fortunately, our experienced professional copywriters can craft a customized app store description that highlights your unique app’s purpose, benefits and features, so that you can make a memorable and favorable impression.

Sample App Description

Video Demo

Our video demos are produced, presented and positioned to ensure that an app stands out from the crowd and makes the best possible impression. It’s an enhanced level of marketing and advertising that gives eager users and reviewers what they want -- and gives success-minded developers like you what you deserve.

Sample Video Demo

Our Targeted Approach

There’s power in precision, and we harness it for you.


We use a comprehensive in-house contact database, alongside professional third-party media databases and opt-in media contacts, to create a targeted distribution list of journalists and publishers who focus on apps in your category.


We have access to professional newswires that will promote your app to more than 250,000 newspaper, magazine, media, broadcast, radio and TV sources. It’s an extremely efficient and blazingly fast way to get coverage now and over the long-term.


Our subscription to AP DataFeatures allows us to syndicate your app’s press release directly to the editorial production system of thousand of newspapers across the world.

Review Sites

Thanks to our wide reputation for quality, we enjoy strong relationships with leading app review websites around the world. Plus, these influential websites appreciate how promptly and professionally we respond to requests on our clients’ behalf.

Mobile Ads

We have a large inventory of ad space with a number of prominent app publishers. To maximize response rates, your ads will only appear to US-based users who are WiFi connected, and whose device/iOS version is compatible with your app.

Video Demo

Our experts will capture live footage of your app, and along with a correspodning voiceover, create a snappy app overview of your apps main features to dazzle journalists and potential users alike.

Get noticed

Benefit from a superior level of logistical precision.

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Our Reports Clarify –
Not Confuse

Get the focused data you need, when you need it.

Approximately one week after the completion of your campaign, you’ll receive a full report that clearly details activities and results.

Plus, you’ll receive a custom URL that you can use whenever you wish to monitor online pickups and new articles in real-time.

> PR impressions
> PR syndication details
> Mobile advertising impressions / click-through details
> A sample of media outlets contacted
> Links to a subset of articles (approx. 30-40 links)