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Our self-service tool for iOS & Android installs

$0.50 per install

$0.12 per install


1) Select platform
2) Enter the name or URL of your app
3) Click "Go" to confirm app details

How it works

Remarkably affordable. Completely results-based


Simply choose how many downloads you want -- from 300 to 5,000 per campaign -- and we’ll make it happen. No catches. No gimmicks. No hidden anything. Just guaranteed installations of your outstanding app.

Fixed CPI

Regular advertising is costly and risky -- and who knows if you’re getting the best deal? Our pricing is transparent, fixed and remarkably affordable, starting at $0.20c/install. Control your budget and download levels.

Start Instantly

Our informal survey found that 100% of app developers want more downloads RIGHT NOW! That’s why our self-service tool lets you start instantly with no application or approval process. Plus, simply come back whenever you want more.

Real Data

All installs are from unique users physically located in the USA. You can also track the IP address, date/time, and device info of each user who downloads you app.

Multiple Networks

How can we do this? Here’s how: we’ve developed a proprietary system that searches a variety of networks for the fastest installs and provides a streamlined delivery.


We guarantee that we’ll deliver the exact number of installations you want. If for some baffling reason this doesn’t happen (think alien invasion), then we’ll give you a full refund.

Organic Uplift


Whether you’re part of an enterprise-level development firm, a small or mid-size team, or flying solo, you know that getting downloads is the key to a successful app.

But that’s just the beginning! Because with more users, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits that do more than make you feel great: they boost your bottom-line and fuel your ongoing development plans.

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